We Specialize in Cosmetic Lasers and Medical Lasers.

We don't buy or sell lasers, we only work on them. No sales people, just repair professionals only.
Our technicians have over 50 years of combined experience in laser service and repair. All have worked with or for manufacturers and have extensive training backgrounds and certifications.

We service and repair all major brands of equipment and have the capabilities to service some of the lesser known brands as well. Over the years we have compiled the software packages and tools necessary to access the areas of laser systems needed to properly perform repairs in this day and age of sophisticated computers and driver systems.

We do not charge to evaluate your equipment and we don't charge a penny if we do not do your repair. If a part is no longer available or the repair cannot be completed for any reason, you owe us nothing.

We provide both on-site and depot repair services. Most of the major manufacturers have transitioned to a depot repair model. In most cases, it is faster and more cost-effective to repair equipment in-house.

Why? On-site service (which we offer as well) requires travel to and from, we must bring all brand new parts, and we have less time and resources on-site to repair components in many cases versus just swapping out for new. Gone are the days where a tech arrives and hands you a giant bill and you are trapped.

Now you can identify the issue, and estimate the job BEFORE making a financial commitment. We designed the process to put YOU in control.

For example, an HVPS (high voltage power supply) can be many thousands of dollars to replace on site. In-house we can repair a power supply for a fraction of the cost of replacing with a new one on site. 85% of repairs to boards and electrical components can be solved using our highly technical scopes to repair in-house instead of replacing new, saving you thousands.

Our goal is to get you up and running as cost-effectively as possible. In this day and age where service departments charge what they can get from you, we give you honest, free assessments, and fair competitive pricing. Remember we are techs, not salespeople doing service as an afterthought. We live and breath repairs and service only.


If you want your laser refurbished, repaired or serviced, you're in the right place. With quality work and OEM parts at affordable prices, Laser Repair Experts is your "I finally found it" place.

Whether you need a repair, a basic service, or you want a complete professional refurbishment, we can handle the job. We work on ALL major manufacturers.

Service & Repair

We also sell parts, warranties, and offer free phone consultations for anyone at anytime. Our first goal is to get you up and running quickly, and even without any service or repair costs, if possible.

We also offer free estimates, on-site and depot repair services are available also.

Call us anytime, we welcome your calls and questions.

Please email or call us anytime. We have 24/7 emergency service, and we welcome your calls day or night. You can also email us at your convenience, and a qualified technician will get back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to serving you.

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Medical Laser Repair Testimonials

  • Taylor Del Duca
    Fabulous service. When Sentient Laser tried to charge 2000$ to just transport (after advising us to initially just ship the laser in a cardboard box) and $1500 just the service my Titan, Laser tech stepped In-charging me only $400 to transport, gave me up-front pricing for the part that was thought to be in need of replacement (150$) then charged me a total of only $1200 to service and repair. The service was perfect, and we were guven continuous daily contact for the duration from my initial Inquirey to return of the perfectly delivered and related Laser.
    Taylor Del Duca
  •  Yolanda Gabarro
    From the first time I called with questions regarding my Palomar/Cynosure Icon, Tal answered all my questions with the upmost knowledge. He understood my urgency in having my equipment up and running as soon as possible in that I had patients that were waiting for my services. Avi picked up my machine and assured me I would have it back the next business day. I truly recommend this professional team for all your laser repairs. I have dealt with other laser repair companies and non of them stand up to Laser Tech. I will truly be their forever client!! Yoly/Dr Gary Rosenbaum/Plastic Surgery/Hair Removal/IPL.
    Yolanda Gabarro
  • Karen Lederman
    Finally I have found a reasonable, reliable and fast company to repair our lasers. We have been in business since 1999 and have multiple lasers in two locations. It is comforting to know that Tal is nearby and is able to offer us quick turn-around so we never have to reschedule many patients!
    Karen Lederman
  • Nancy V
    Easy to work with. They replied quickly to our questions
    Nancy V
  • Sofia Fernandez
    Excellent attention! Very responsable!
    Sofia Fernandez